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As the weather gets warmer, many people in the United States are starting to feel the effects of seasonal allergies. For those living in Orlando, Florida, this can be especially true. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), Orlando has been ranked as the 8th highest allergy capital in the country. This means that Orlando residents are at a higher risk of experiencing allergic reactions due to the city’s unique climate and environment.

Top 10 Allergy Capitals in the U.S.

    1. Wichita, Kansas
    2. Dallas, Texas
    3. Scranton, Pennsylvania
    4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    5. Tulsa, Oklahoma
    6. Sarasota, Florida
    7. Cape Coral, Florida
    8. Orlando, Florida
    9. Des Moines, Iowa
    10. Greenville, South Carolina

One of the primary reasons why Orlando is considered an allergy capital is due to its warm, humid climate. High temperatures and humidity levels create the perfect environment for allergens to thrive, such as mold spores, dust mites, and pollen. These allergens can cause a range of symptoms, from sneezing and runny noses to itchy eyes and skin rashes.

In addition to the climate, Orlando’s landscape also contributes to its high allergy ranking. The city is known for its lush greenery, including trees, flowers, and grasses. While this greenery adds to the beauty of Orlando, it also produces a large amount of pollen that can trigger allergies in many people.

Despite these challenges, there are steps that individuals can take to manage their allergies in Orlando. For example, it is recommended that residents keep their windows closed during peak allergy seasons, use air conditioning to filter out allergens, and regularly clean their homes to remove dust and mold spores. Additionally, individuals who suffer from allergies can consult with an allergist or ENT specialist to develop a personalized treatment plan that may include medications or immunotherapy.

At The Ear, Nose, Throat, and Plastic Surgery Associates, we understand the impact that allergies can have on our patients’ lives. That’s why our team of experienced physicians and medical professionals are dedicated to providing comprehensive allergy care to residents in the Central Florida area. From diagnostic testing to advanced treatments, we work with our patients to help them manage their allergies and improve their quality of life.

While being ranked as an allergy capital may be daunting, it’s important to remember that there are resources available to help individuals manage their allergies. By taking proactive steps and seeking expert medical care, individuals can still enjoy all that Orlando has to offer while minimizing the impact of their allergies.

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