Mildred’s dizziness was crippling. She could hardly walk on her own and could not be left alone at home. The fear of falling was so overwhelming it prevented her from going out into the world to do everyday things like shopping or dining out.

Mildred’s life changed when she came to the Fyzical Dizziness & Fall Prevention Center at The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates Winter Park location for balance therapy. Now she can walk and live independently again. “I would recommend Fyzical to anybody that’s having a slight problem or a major problem,” says Mildred. “It has been the most fantastic experience in my life.”

Fyzical Dizziness and Fall Prevention Center to the Rescue

The fear of falling can be almost as crippling as the fall itself. Millions of older adults with balance or dizziness challenges are inhibited from living life to the fullest because they are afraid to go out and do the things they love and need. This can often lead to increased social isolation, loss of independence, and depression.

Almost 65 million people are estimated to be at risk of a fall. Most of those individuals are over sixty-five years of age. One in five older people who fall are never able to reclaim their former physical form and quality of life.

The Fyzical Dizziness & Fall Prevention Center is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art therapy and balance center with specialized staff, equipment and training protocols to treat vestibular balance disorders for patients of all ages and lifestyles.

The Center is located within The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates’ Winter Park facility, creating a unique synergy between audiology, physical therapy, and otolaryngology. The center was designed to address, to evaluate, and to treat balance disorders. Patients benefit from the treatment to overcome their dizziness and falls without having to drive to multiple locations for various services.

“Our Dizziness and Fall Prevention Center is unlike any therapy center you’ve seen before,” says Barry S. Kang, M.D., F.A.C.S., a board-certified otolaryngologist at The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates. “It forms a part of our practice that we’ve dedicated to addressing balance disorders and treating them.”

Unlike some other centers that look uniquely at reactive treatments after the falls have happened, the Fyzical Dizziness & Fall Prevention Center aims to treat the effects of the fall and prevent future balance issues from arising. Through diagnostic testing, balance deficiencies or weaknesses can be identified and addressed before a future injury occurs.

“I was so bad when I came, I could hardly walk without help,” says Mildred. “My husband was gone for a few weeks, and before this, he could not have left me. One night I was so light-headed that I felt like I was going to roll off the bed, and I had to hold on to him.”

“Now I walk from the parking lot, and anywhere I want to. I don’t have light-headedness anymore. I can’t sing the Fyzical Center’s praises enough. I can’t believe the energy I have now, all from being able to feel like I can do something without falling.”

Customized Treatment for Every Individual

The sources and causes of dizziness and balance issues can vary depending on the individual. And more often than not, a combination of factors contribute to the problem including:

  • Age
  • Inner ear
  • Eye issues
  • Spinal challenges
  • Joint problems
  • Arthritis

Once your unique challenges are diagnosed, a treatment plan will be designed to enhance your daily functioning, decrease your risk of falling, and improve your quality of life. The Fyzical Dizziness & Fall Prevention Center has clinical protocols and treatment strategies that have been streamlined to offer people the best chance at not just fall prevention but at regaining their independence.

“My biggest fear was falling,” says Mildred. “Before I wouldn’t go anywhere without something to lean on or hold on to. And now I don’t feel as constrained and held back. The Fyzical Center helped me tremendously.”

“My first or the second session, (my therapist) wanted me to walk the white line. I got in position, and I could not pick up my foot. My brain would not allow me to pick that foot up. Two sessions ago, I walked the whole length. Only lost my balance once.”

Mildred has nothing but praise for the entire staff at The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates. “Everybody here is super nice,” she says. “I’ve been very impressed with the whole operation. They’ve done so much for me, and I’ve gotten very attached to my therapist. She’s just a doll, and I would hate never to see her again.”

Grateful for her successful recovery and for reclaiming her quality of life, Mildred hopes that others close to her can also benefit from what the Fyzical Dizziness & Fall Prevention Center has to offer. “I’ve already talked to my daughter and a couple of friends, and I am sending them information on the Fyzical Center,” says Mildred. “It has done me that much good.”

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